Leadership Empowerment


Our focus is to positively create an environment that stimulates and influences individuals in aligning to their core purpose in their given metron and to passionately build generationally the different tiers of leadership viz. spiritual, physical, mental and social.

Family Enrichment


At the core of society is the bed rock of humanity and that is the pillar of Family. Strong marriages = strong families = strong communities = A STRONG NATION. We must faithfully and ardently pursue the building of strong families so that we do not have a socially deformed society. We labor to this end that our families will flourish within a thriving environment of diverse ethnicities.

Coaching & Mentoring


Coaching focuses more on the task and performance of the individual/s within their area of influence. For this model to work there needs to be a sound relationship between coach and the individual being coached so that the necessary goals can be achieved.


Mentoring methods are not necessarily streamlined and can be quiet diverse as the techniques adopted may take on the form of teaching, counselling and different aspects of training to achieve the desired outcome. The relationship here is one of mutual consent.

Youth Development


Focused on the development of our emerging generation through programmes that will help them cope with the challenges of the 21st century. We are further committed towards creating an environment that will stimulate our young generation to be visionaries and future entrepreneurs that will contribute to effective nation building.