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IGNITE ENTERPRISES is an organization that focuses on the upskilling and improved lifestyle of all citizens within our community and surrounding areas of South Africa. We have various programs and forums that not only focuses on providing relief to the social ills of our community but also provides the necessary tools to allow individuals to grow in the four key areas of spiritual, mental, physical and social stability.

We would like you to embark on this exciting life changing journey with us that will give you a fresh perpective of WHO you are, WHOSE you are and WHY are you on this earth. It is our passion to see you grow the potential and ability within you so that you leave this world empty.


God’s Blueprint for Marriage

One of the key areas of focus on the 20th October 2018 was to positively impact the lives of married couples who form an integral part of any family and overall our society. Our focus for the Marriage seminar was:


  1. To create the awareness of the pivotal role of parents within our homes.
  2. The responsibility of parents in the marketplace and the impact thereof
  3. To empower parents who will then become the catalysts for positive change within their given areas of influence.
  4. To motivate and encourage the building of strong family values that will contribute towards our local and national development process in creating an environment whereby we positively impact generationally.


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Empowering emerging leaders within their sphere of influence.



Constructing the family unit with a rich heritage that positively impacts generationally

Coaching &


To inspire, motivate and challenge individuals to encounter their God given purpose and destiny.



To equip the emerging generation in embracing and dealing with their progressive challenges in life.

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